Welcome to CTshift

Welcome to CTshift, we're a brand new board for car, bike, and truck enthusiasts in Connecticut. We have weekly and monthly meets and all are welcome. CTshift is a great place to show off your ride, ask questions, and meet people. We value nice vehicles with clean mods that are done right. You won't find any cut springs or primer colored ground effects here. So if you're ready to meet people as enthusiastic about your car, truck, or bike as you are, click the link above and register for the forums.

This is a community of mature adults, this is not the place for kids with their parents civics. We don't condone asshattery or illegal racing of any kind. Burn-outs and wheelies don't impress us and aren't appreciated at any of our meets.

We have members that autocross their cars, off-road their trucks, and bring their bikes to the track.

We plan on obtaining sponsors that will give us deals on parts, dyno work, track time, and more. If that sounds good to you, welcome to the forums.

- CTshift

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